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Ren Gardner

Employment History

2008-Present Welter Consulting Inc. Billings, MT • Drilling Consultant

2006-2008 Sanjel USA Miles City, MT • Field Engineer

2005 Sanjel USA Williston, ND • Coil Tubing Field Engineer Intern

2005 Fidelity Exploration & Production Baker, MT • Completions Engineer Intern

2003-2004 Bureau of Land Management Minerals Division • Petroleum Engineer Intern

Welter Consulting Inc.
Field Consultant
Field consultant overseeing drilling and completion procedures with oil and gas wells alike in numerous western United States locations.
Daily experience with drilling rig operation.
Daily experience with workover rig operation.

Sanjel USA
*Field Engineer
Develop cement blends and procedures for energy companies in the Northern Rockies region ranging from small surface casing to large two-stage Williston Basin production casings with temperatures ranging from 75° F - 220° F.

Extremely adept with all types of cement and additives based on temperature, pressure and density.

Develop acid blends and procedures for energy companies in the Northern Rockies region, which includes being highly familiar with zones of interest, additive knowledge, use of CO2 and N2 with acid, acidizing through a work string or through coil tubing.

Oversee pipe fatigue, recording data and operations on large coil units located in Riverton, WY and Williston, ND. Developed numerous simulations using Cerberus (CTES modeling software) for high profile coil tubing work.

Experienced with low bottom hole pressure, long horizontal coil tubing work in Williston Basin Bakken formation including numerous multi plug mill out situations. Experienced with highly deviated coil tubing work in Piceance area.

Have ability and knowledge to operate and maintain all acid, cement, nitrogen and coil tubing Sanjel truck units.

Sanjel USA
Coil Tubing Field Engineer Intern
Operated large coil tubing unit with various extremes, understand high pressure, acid and N2 through coil tubing, various downhole tools and procedures.

Worked with 2.0", 1.5", 1.25" coil throughout Rockies region from New Mexico to northern North Dakota.

Developed pipe fatigue information for the first time on two large coil Sanjel units.

Fidelity Exploration & Production, Baker, MT May 2005-August 2005
Completions Engineer Intern
Oversaw completion practices in Baker gas field including watching small drilling rig, cementing, perforating, coil multiple zone fracturing, small coil zone isolation, single zone fracturing, well flow testing, tree and well house assembly.

Worked with numerous companies and service lines with different ideas and practices.

Bureau of Land Management Minerals Division
Petroleum Engineer Intern
Developed spreadsheet to determine multiple answers including correct safety factors, casing bursts and collapse factors, minimum cement density for federally owned wells.

Wrote new Excel program for mapping multiple horizontal well schematics.

Closed multiple federal cases against energy companies concerning gas migration in coalbed formations.

Experienced multiple plug and abandonment's, surface and production cement jobs, witnessed field oil sales and wrote APD's, AFE's and other federal restricting papers.

Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, MT
Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (2006)
Passed Fundamentals of Engineering in 2006

*Ren Gardner is a Petroleum Engineer and not a Professional Engineer.